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Camellia yellow mottle virus

Hello all, one of my Camellias has been suffering from yellow mottle virus. I looked this up and it was suggested that it spread by root aphids. I have another Camellia, unaffected--both of them are in pots. The sick Camellia still has lots of flower buds on, but this year it is looking really, really unhappy and the virus has affected 50% of its leaves. I am now worried that somehow it might spread to my other plant. 

Decision time: keep or chuck?

My garden is really tiny so, apart from anything else, I have to weigh the benefits of hanging onto a plant that is looking horrible, even though it is quite large. I presume it already had this disease when I bought it, since this is its third year. The other one I've had longer and would be sorry to lose, as it is now well-developed and always very beautiful.

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