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Re planting Clematis and Miscanthus Grasses


I planted 2 new clematis end of May this year and want to replant them elsewhere as they are not getting any sun in their present position against a shady fence.  It is possible to remove them to another position now, and should I cut them back at this stage in that case.  Also I have Miscanthus grasses where they do not have enough room - can I replant them somewhere else at this time of the year, and again should I cut them down now or wait until the Spring?  Thanks in advance.



  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 31,086

    Hi Jenny - I've just moved a Duchess of Edinburgh to a better spot and she has plenty of new shoots already. It's an ideal time to move anything. Just make sure you water them well first,  get plenty of rootball, and have the new site well prepared before you dig them up. Water them in well  too. It shouldn't be difficult as they've only been in a few months.  I would cut them back before you lift them. I don't know what size or type you have, but mine was an established plant. They ususally aren't too tricky. image

    I haven't grown Miscanthus for a long time so can't advise on those.

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  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 25,355

    Some say it's better to move in October , as the soil is warm still and the roots can carry on growing. Some say wait until Spring when the new growth starts.

  • Thank you to both of you - very helpful.  Think I will move them now so that they can hopefully get established again. 

  • I have always found that miscanthus is best left overwinter without being cut down, and that it moves and divides better in the spring.  Most plants, however, move easily at this time of year.

  • Well, Verdun, that means I have been putting up with large clumps of miscanthus for many years when I could have divided them when sorting out the other plants in the autumn!  But I know now, and will remember it in future.  My current clump is just about getting to the right size, but next year it will certainly need attention.  Thank you.

  • I know how heavy the roots can be!  But the current clump was divided in the spring, potted up and brought with me when we moved last year.  It is absolutely fine at the moment, but I shall divide etc. next autumn.

  • Brilliant advice from everyone - thank you.  

  • A few years ago I bought a half-price pot of Miscanthus at this time of year, waited till Jan, pulled off a lot of small sections, discarded the middle and planted a whole patch of the vigorous fresh bits--it was great. I got a whole clump for about £1.30.

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