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Feeding hedgehogs



  • Seems to me that you have done all that you can for your Hhogs Philippa.  If they have any sense they will be back for more special treats when the awaken in 2017. However unless it actually freezes for a few nights I would continue with the food - even if they have hibernated, a few milder days/nights may cause them to start wandering again.

    Seems you have a little fan club waiting for your Hedgehog food Angie - they know when they are onto a winner! Ours have mostly been quite timid - just one small one feeding now, but growing fairly quickly I am pleased to see.

  • AngieRAngieR Posts: 347

    Fingers crossed your Hhogs turn up again next year Philippasmith2.  I'm sure they'll be back for the goodies you have on offer for them.  The older 2 visiting me hadn't been seen for about a fortnight but they were feeding last night.  As GD2 says they may waken up for some food periodically.

    Yes, GD2 it seems we have.  They love the mealworms.  Although as I suspected I may be spoiling them a bit too much image.  I will gradually reduce the mealworms and feed them suitable alternatives as per advice from Tetley. 

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