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Feeding hedgehogs



  • AngieRAngieR Posts: 347

    Hi everyone

    An update on the hoglets.  Friday night one of them appeared.  I've attached a picture, not the greatest. Taken indoors with my phone.  You can just make out the little 'un scarpering back into the undergrowth. Last night, Sunday, both were feeding.

    I have now added meal worms to their menu.


    Thank you all for showing a caring interest and for all your advice.

  • They are such a joy to watch - keep feeding them for as long as they come AngieR. I was told that in milder parts they will stay awake throughout winter providing the temp. doesn't drop below 5 degrees at night.

  • Mark56Mark56 Posts: 1,653

    Brilliant news Angie! I'm sure it's much appreciated. Welcome back Tetley image

  • AngieRAngieR Posts: 347

    Thanks for all the support and all the advice added to this thread.  Will be useful for others I hope.  As I type one of the adults is tucking in!  They always start appearing at just a little before 7pm.  It seems I'm going to be spending all my wages on meal worms for the foreseeable!

  • Seems ours haven't adjusted to the clock change yet - one came at between 9 & 10 p.m. the other just before midnight last night.  We only give our hogs about 10 meal worms each Angie as well as some broken peanuts and sunflower seeds - if they want meat they can eat a few slugs or snails - we have plenty around the garden and they are free!

  • AngieRAngieR Posts: 347

    I thought I'd touch base and give you all a progress report on the young hedgehogs. 

    Both are still alive, come for their feed very early in the evening and revisit later during the night. Both have put on a good bit of weight too. 

    When I have more time I'll try get a decent picture or two. Thanks again for all the advice and encouragement.  

  • That's great news AngieR, it is so rewarding that after feeding them you are noticing that they are growing.  They wouldn't come if it was too cold or they wanted to hibernate.  We have one,  which is very small, that comes like yours early in the evening and then again at about 9 - 10 pm. He is very shy and runs away if we open the door to watch him.

  • Mark56Mark56 Posts: 1,653

    Well done Angie! Keep up the good work. People like you are my favourite! 

  • AngieRAngieR Posts: 347

    GD2 - ours aren't so shy.  They are often there waiting for us if we are a bit too late at getting the food out.  We've had a constant frost this week and I have been more than pleased they are still coming.

    mark56 - thank you.  I am encouraged by all the kindly guidance from the members.

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