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I have begonias growing in a pot which have been beautiful.Lovely peach coloured flowers and dark bronze leaves. Yes i have forgotten what it was called .So i want to to try and keep for next year. I understand i need to bring indoors before first frost. However it is still flowering. What should i do , cut the flowers off and how should i keep the tubers. First time i have done this so any help would be appreciated please.


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    Just bring it in and treat it as a houseplant.  Keep it away form draughts and directheat and water by dunking in water till no more air bubbles appear then let it drain fully.  Repeat as needed when the top inch of compost feels dry.

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  • Thank you it is such a lovely flower it would be a shame not to try and keep it, fingers crossed image

  • The flowers are more pinky peach and the leaves more of a bronze colour but i like your plant as well, lovely.

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    Just want to say I really like your user name, sunshine preferred.

  • Thank you, i am the person who definitely prefers the summer. Luckily i have lived in Dorset for the last few years and the weather is warmer here than where i used to live in the Midlands. I also think the good weather tends to make people happier and more sociable. On a sunny day Bournemouth beach is full of families enjoying themselves rather than children stuck indoors. Now depressed winter is coming image

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