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What poop is this?

This is in my garden shed. It's the second time I've noticed but this looks different. The first was much rounder, like a fat chocolate button, whereas these are more cylindrical. The mouse trap is just there for scale, though I have other traps out which have not been touched. 




  • Generally rat - ish, I'd have said, although a little off the mark re shape. However, we're all different and different foods make for different . . um . . results.


  • ripplyripply Posts: 73

    I haven't noticed anything chewed or gnawed at. I've dealt with plenty of rats/mice before but there's something strange with this one. There's no food or anything lying about, and lots of daily disturbance so they wouldn't get settled enough to nest. I wonder why they bother going in there.

    I wish I'd got a photo of the first poop. It was nothing like a rat poop at all. Not that I've ever seen anyway. Huge compared to what you'd expect and a totally different shape. Maybe it's just got an upset tummy, or maybe I've got two different invaders. There's both rat and mice traps in the shed, but they haven't been touched which is also weird. I've always managed to catch them quite easily before. 

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