Fruit trees

Any reccomendations for the best fruit trees to plant in a clay like soil for a garden which Is prone being waterlogged


  • Just how wet does it get?  No fruit trees that I know are happy to sit 'wet' through the darker months. Some of the toughest will be cherries and plums.  Another thing I would suggest is not to go for trees on too small a  dwarfing stock.  More vigorous trees will cope better if conditions are not perfect.  That all said, if you plant a few, they could improve the drainage issue considerably by taking up much of the excess water.  But, if it is that wet, the best way to ensure success is to improve the drainage, perhaps by digging a small ditch (French drain), to carry excess water away from the site. 


  • RedwingRedwing Posts: 875

    Apples like clay. I planted a small orchard on heavy clay 25 or so years ago and all the apples did well. I no longer live in that house but I pass by iit regularly and the apples appear healthy. A plum succumbed to disease and a Stella cherry didn't grow well. I think it didn't do well because of the wet.

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