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Aeonium problem

turmericturmeric Posts: 825

Evening everyone.  My friend has a young aeonium which he purchased after losing a mature one last Winter by leaving it out in the cold.  I suggested putting the new one inside this time, which he's done, but over the last week its leaves have started to dry out and fall off.  Is this normal?  Many thanks.


  • turmericturmeric Posts: 825

    Hi Verdun, no he's been watering.  I went over today and the soil was damp.  I thought the room he had it in was quite hot and suggested he move the plant to an unheated room instead but I was a bit worried that the leaves were drying out and falling off.  Originally he was going to put it in an outside room that is unheated (but at least frost-free) but it doesn't have any windows, so no light.  I'm presuming they need light during the Winter?

  • turmericturmeric Posts: 825

    The room felt hot because of the heating not the weather Verdun.  He has a back bedroom that isn't heated which I suggested would be a better location.  It's going in there instead and I'll see how it is in a fortnight when I see him next.  I was just worried something was wrong because of the leaves dropping off.  After losing one last Winter he doesn't want to kill this one tooimage Thanks Verdun.

  • turmericturmeric Posts: 825

    Whoa! Cut the stems back by half?  You are brave Verdun.  I know very little about succulents but that sounds very daring.  I quite like the lilac tints of Echiveria (not sure I've spelt that right) but other than that they're not really my thing.  I'll pass your comments on to my friend and hope it survives the cold. Thanks for all your help Verdun, jandh.

  • turmericturmeric Posts: 825

    If it was mine I might risk it, but I don't think my friend is ready to put secateurs anywhere near his new acquisition.  He was really worried about the leaves, so cutting into the stems....eek!!  Thanks and night, night Verdun.

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