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great news at the garden I spend most of my working week we have a large fruit cage which is rarely used.

it has fruit planted in it such as gooseberries raspberries  currants and blue berries the bushes have not really been maintained by the previous gardener and the owners rarely eat any of the fruit grown.

so I have suggested that I remove some of the fruit and create a cutting garden which has been agreed so I am excited even though I have now increased my work load.

I will turn over the ground and prepare it over this coming winter and then start planting next spring any ideas of easy to grow cutting flowers then let me know I will plant some up and hopefully this time next year we have have lots of lovely cut flowers.

just a quick point I have a very large green house yet according to the owners I am the very first gardener to grow stuff in it over the winter amazing as always thanks for any replies Lester 


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  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 15,331

    Order some bulbs for spring cutting, followed by large Alliums which look good in a vase, (and last ages)

    You don't stop doing new things because you get old, you get old because you stop doing new things. <3
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