Can anyone recommend a fertiliser for growing Garlic?


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    There is some information here to help you:

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    ? May I very politely ask why you want fertiliser for garlic

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    I bought some garlic to grow from the Garlic Farm on the IOW and it came with garlic fertiliser.  A friend of mine wants to grow some but doesn't have the fertiliser and I just wondered if it was available to buy.

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    This is my experience of growing garlic

    Originally I bought some from an online supplier and they were OK

    In my 2nd year I bought some from them again and some from my local fruit and veg shop and they both grew OK

    I pulled all my garlic some 2 months ago and I will have fresh garlic for another 5 months 

    I have not investigated whether fertiliser is needed or whether it would make bigger or better cloves

    ? Was the fertiliser just some local fertiliser from a farm or the IOW shop or was it from a mass produced source that trys to maximise its sales

    Over to you

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  • My garlic is Taylors bought at Dobbies.  I plant it initially in cells with some Gro-Sure Planting Magic and it will be planted out in the next couple of weeks.  I have spread home made compost on the planting row and the crop always does well.  I use the same system for overwintering onions and shallots.

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  • hi   di steve as a couple say why do you want garlic fertiliser I use verve compost (some don't like it )  but each to there own I mix it with growmore and sharp sand  and never had any bother   this year  end sept))  planted about 110  counted this morning 104  about at least1 inch to 4 inch  high  ( I got them on line on amazon the site had all the known growers  and this on had at least 30  in 3 bulbs  got  110 in total  and 104 showing so not bad ((   but the site called garlic seeds )sold bulbs and better still and I did not know they came fromCHINA  )  and says on packet can be opened at customs   there a one I did not see   but from what has came  can not complain  but to go back to what you said make your own and try and se what  happens     Michael 

  • I have taken a couple of pictures to show you what I do.


    The garlic is in the 7cm pots and is about ready to be planted out.


    Preparing the ground, you can see the compost on the left hand strip which will be raked out.


    This year's crop, the overwintering onions, garlic and shallots are on the right.


  • hi oakridge   hi Malcolm    I allways put mine in ground  but before that I prep the ground I am using and just plant  this years onions I got about 650  out of 700 a good few went and split so I used the bit that was ok waste not  my jarlic from last year I have about 40.. left onions we have used over 150 with all chutney and relish and chilli dip good job the lads in pub like them...the last apples from tree wife is making jam and save some for apple pies and crumble.s        ..I am going to try onions in modules like logan  has done   ??  next year hopefully    good gardening     Michael image

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