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Small plug perennials

frustrated! I've just made some new borders in my garden so decided to buy some plants from gardening direct to fill them, I bought bulbs, winter bedding and some perennial, some large and some small plugs. the large plugs are all labelled so I know what's what, however the small arent labelled so I haven't got a clue! 

For a new gardener this is so frustrating! 


  • mushermusher Posts: 389

    Sharon, The small plugs. Look around the top rim and top sides of the trays. Also vertically down the plug actual plugs.They are usually embossed in to the trays

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  • Joyce21Joyce21 Posts: 15,489

    Sharon...go to the garden Direct website and you should be able to identify the plants from the pictures there.

    SW Scotland
  • mushermusher Posts: 389

    Yes a very Good Morning to you also Verdun

  • There's nothing on the packages there was on the large plugs, but not small. I've potted them on and it looked like several plants in each plug. I'm going to keep potting them on and keep them in the greenhouse 

  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 26,996
    HORTICO says:

    General advice.  If you are an amateure gardener.  Bypass plugs atv this time of year.

    See original post
    some amateurs are more knowledgeable and experienced than some professionalsimage


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