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Clay soil, south facing beside a fence!

Hi - looking for some advice, novice gardener looking for some colour against a newly painted fence (see photo).

We live in Glasgow, clay soil and it is south facing. From the picture I am looking to plant something to the left of the cherry tree where there is an overgrown heather bush at present. I thought of a butterfly plant, but not sure if it would be suitable?

Any suggestions as always much appreciated!image


  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Posts: 35,835

    Hi Richard. By Butterfly plant do you mean a Buddleja?image

    Like this? This would be perfect in the place you mention. Lots of bees and butterflies around when it is in flower and virtually indestructible. All you have to do is cut it back every Spring to about 30cm (a foot in old money) and it will romp away every year. They come in several colours and the flowers smell of honey.

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