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Acer white grubs

Hi, I'm  new to the forum but I can't see anything similar to my query.

We have a lovely 10 year old potted acer and this year is the first time it's turned a beautiful crimson, but, it's also covered in white things which at first I thought was deposits from sparrows ???? however more have appeared and I can't find out what they are. They look like grub shells..

Would love to know what they are and if they can be treated 

Many thanks 



  • A species of scale insect, pulvinaria (forget which one). I just wash them off because they're rarely in large numbers.  Perhaps a mild detergent will clean the leaves and young stems and remove any honeydew they have exuded. 


  • jb412jb412 Posts: 2

    Many thanks H-C I was worried they might be destructive. There are quite a lot of them but the picture doesn't show it.  


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