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Magnolia Susan

Hi all, i am thinking of planting a Magnolia Susan Shrub/Tree in the middle of my front garden. It's north-west facing but still gets quite a bit of sun especially in centre of garden. The soil is slighly acidic so that seems ok. 

I was torn between Snowy mespilus or Magnolia Susan. Do you think Susan is a better choice?

I was hoping to plant it in next few weeks or would it be better to wait til spring. I guess these cannot be got bare root.



  • chickychicky Posts: 10,379

    Magnolia Susan is spectacular for a few weeks a year, whereas an amelanchier will give you flowers in spring and lovely autumn leaf colour too.  So I guess your choice is between an annual hit of wow factor, or more muted but longer display.  I'd personally go with the magnolia, because I love that short burst of glory every spring (always assuming the frost doesn't muller themimage)

  • 'Susan' is longer and later flowering than many of the spring flowering magnolias. Different habit from some, more upright when young, broadening with age (!), up to about 8ft tall.  I'd have the amelanchier (especially if the ground gets a bit damp and the soil is good), for the spring flower, June fruit ("Juneberry" is its common name and they're very tasty, but seedy and small) and the lovely autumn colours.  For me, 'Susan' hasn't got the 'wow' factor for which so many of the other magnolias are known.  


  • Invicta2Invicta2 Posts: 663

    I grow Magnolia "Susan" and if your space is limited then it is a good choice. It is very slow growing and I suspect it will take 20 years to reach 8ft at present rate of growth. Amelanchier will make a much quicker impact than the Susan, if that is important. Ultimate size will vary as ther are a number of different species, some reaching full size at 10 ft others going onto 30 ft, so ensure you choose the right one from a trustworthy source if going for the Amelanchier option.

  • YviestevieYviestevie Posts: 7,047

    I've been looking at 'Susan' for a while.  I'd love a magnolia but only have a small garden.  Sounds like she might be the one.  Don't mind that the flowers don't last long.  The same can be said of lots of plants that I grow.   I have a background of lower key plants but try to have at least one 'showstopper' in flower at any given time.

    Hi from Kingswinford in the West Midlands
  • Thanks all. Wow 20 years to reach 8 foot. That's very sow growing. I still really like them though so maybe i'll get a larger potted one if it's good value. I'll still consider Amelanchier if i dont find any. I was thinking of planting around now even though it will be bare but maybe best to wait till spring.

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