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Raspberry pruning advice

After some advice please. I'm new to gardening and not very knowledgeable! I have a fruit cage of raspberry canes we've inherited that don't appear to have been very well cared for of late and I'm not sure whether they are primocanes or floricanes. I'm suspecting floricanes from what the previous owner said but many of the canes are still bearing fruit now, though only on the very tip of the shoot, nowhere else on the plant. How should I prune these? Should I just tip prune assuming they are floricanes? I think they were all cut down to ground level last winter as there only seem to be a very few older woody canes which bore fruit this year and that might also explain why they are only bearing fruit on the tips if they are indeed floricanes having had to do so much growing this season? Any advice gratefully received! Many thanks.


  • Hi Melanie if your raspberries fruit in Summer you have to prune out the old wood only leaving the

    green shoots for next year but if they are Autumn fruiting cut them all down to ground level.

    I think yours sound like the latter.

  • Hi John, Thanks for replying. The thing is that most of them have been fruiting since July time which makes me think they are summer fruiting ones. Certainly the older canes that were not cut down last year fruited at that time. Would autumn fruiting ones only fruit at the very tips? 

  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 13,942

    If thy were all cut down last year, then you have autumn fruiting primocanes.  If you tip them, they will probably produce a crop early next year, and new canes produce a later crop. My Terri louise do this. Polka , I cut completely to the ground in the winter, and they start  fruiting before the autumn crop Terri Louise.

    Summer fruiters, like Glen ample, will only have produced a cane this year to fruit next year if they were cut to the ground last year. Hope that helps.

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