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Chilean Potato Vine

bobloesbobloes Posts: 134

I would like to plant a solanum on a north facing wall and I know that is not recommended but has anyone done it and if so what were the results?  Thanks


  • It's quite tough and provided the light is good and there's shelter from trees or buildings around it'll do ok. My other half had one in her shady back garden and it only saw the sun on summer mornings for an hour or so. It was a rampant beast. The garden was a small and sheltered one, though, so the plant was protected from the fiercest weather. What you'll find is that it will grow best where the light is good and may not flower to its full potential, but even that means there will be a mass of flower in late summer.   


  • p.s I find the white flowered one is tougher and longer flowering.


  • bobloesbobloes Posts: 134

    Thanks very much Hortum.  I may just do both colours for the hell of it. 

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