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Help Garden from Hell!!


Hi folks first time posting here so hopes its in the right place. really need help on what i can do with this garden on a small budget.  any advice at all would be much apreciated



  • hogweedhogweed Central ScotlandPosts: 3,992

    Bearing in mind you have at least one small child............

    Not the garden from hell at all! You have:


    well cut hedge

    fences in good repair. All good.

    Unless you are in to gardening and want to get started, I would just cut new edges down the boundaries, reseed the muddy patch to the left of the swing, and keep the grass well cut. You will have a garden your wee ones can play in quite happily.

    On the other hand if you want to start gardening and have some flowers or veg bed I would start to read beginners books. The small Expert series are a good start for flowers and veg. You will need to decide if you like straight lines or curves before you mark the beds out. Look in other peoples gardens to see what grows well in your area and what you like, Harass your friends for cuttings or divisions to get a start, 

    Not sure what the two lumps are going across the width of the garden? Are they remnants of walls? or does the ground dip there? If so level it out. 

    Is that a steep slope to the left of the steps with shrubs at the top?? 

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  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Third rock from the sunPosts: 29,698

    I think for now I would just keep the grass cut (it will stop growing soon when the temperature drops) and carry on doing the work already started in the area next to the steps. Keep clearing out all of the roots, the shrubs in front of the bins look past their best so you could also remove them and any ivy(?). Then decide what you would like in your garden. There is obviously a small person in residence so any future planting should be carefully selected so that no spiky, stinging or poisonous plants are put in. Preparation of the area is all you should work on at the moment - all it costs is perspiration and if you are at all like me, a bit (lot) of swearing at uncooperative roots etc. image

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  • Hi there thank you very much for replying. the big think that bothers me is the big steep slope to the left of the steps it had trees and bushes in there but they were ripped out now its just earth with tree stumps and thorns sticking out on the ground. im trying to thinkk what i can do with that someone suggested layering rocks on it like you see at the beach. was thinking about leveling all the garden so there is no slope and decking the very bottom part.

  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Third rock from the sunPosts: 29,698

    If you can possibly dig out the stumps and thorns so that you have a clear bed this could become a flower (perennial and annual) bed in the future. If you do not remove all of the roots, weeds etc., placing rocks on it will only create problems as the weeds etc. will grow in and around it and you will be forever weeding between the rocks. An expensive but effective alternative would be to buy weed suppressing membrane and place your rocks etc. on that but I thought you wanted to work on a small budget.

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  • As you have small children to consider, and steep steps, it might be worth making a safe path for them (and you!) by going diagonally across the bank from the doorway towards the left, then curving round and going diagonally back the other way to the bottom, finishing near the steps.

    When you have finished clearing you could walk it and work out a suitable route, that will give you a gentler gradient. Depending on how steep the slope is you may need to find a way to hold back the soil above the path, but you could just have well trampled soil with a finishing layer of fine gravel or even bark, just to stop slipping and keep shoes cleaner.

    This will give you some thinking time and chance to work out a more permanent solution and could be dug in if you decide on major landscaping work in future.

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