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Cherry laurel ... too close to the house?

hi, we moved to a new house about 6 months ago.  All along one side of the house a green hedge was planted with cherry laurel. Does anyone knows if we are in any danger by this plant being too big (in the future) and too close to a house?



  • How far away from the house is it?  Can you post a photo?

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  • I'd be very surprised if you had any problems with a laurel even that close to your house, especially as you have a large driveway on one side, the size of the bed is quite small so I would expect it to help suppress the growth to some extent.  You can incur issues with drains if the roots run close but if the drain is well sealed you should be fine, even then.   Having something close to your house can actually help protect the brickwork too.

    Presumably you don't want it to get to full height as it could well be taller than your house, so you may be best just keeping it in check and that should give you peace-of-mind with regard to possible damage and will leave you with a nice thick hedging rather than the spindly mess that unmanaged Laurel gets itself into.

  • Thank you Bob for your reply.  I was worried a bit.

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