Storing Leaf Mould

Hi all, we have just harvested 5 bin bags of lovely leaf mould from our leaf mould bins.  Can someone tell me how long it can be kept, and what is the best way to store it.  At the moment it is in black plastic bin bags, but do I need holes in the bags to keep the contents aerobic?


  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 13,688

    I tip it into recycled compost bags, it seems to keep ok for a couple of years. If it is just damp, it will continue slowly breaking down to a lovely peat like consistency. If it is dry, wet it down again before bagging.

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  • as it has little/ no nutritional value, string will have little effect. You say form your leaf mould bins- has it already rotted down or is it still leafy?

    If still leafy, as  figetbones says, keep it moist to continue to decomposition process. if it's broken down, either put it on the garden now or leave bagged and do so in spring.

  • The leaf mould is completely broken down after 2 years of being in the open in a wire mesh enclosure.  It is lovely, grainy and sweet smelling and I just wanted to make sure that if I store it in closed plastic bin-bags that it will not somehow become bad before I use it next spring.

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