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Too late to prune photinia?

I've been looking at old (some positively ancient) threads on this subject.  I know you can hard prune photinia - it would appear even if you can't see buds to prune back to - but is it too late to do it now.  I think I've said before that, when we moved in here 5 years ago, the previous owners kept the garden tidy but had no idea about pruning.  It's taken me this long to get good shapes on the buddleja, physocarpus, ribes, etc. etc. but because they've all been properly pruned, they've decided that life is good after all and have grown enormously.  The photinia is lovely, about 8 by 8 feet but really needs to come back to around 5-6 feet in each plane - especially as it's vying for space now with the weigela (also now looking great)...can I do it now?  All at once?  Or bit by bit over the winter?  It's a Red Robin.  Thanks so much.


  • AngieRAngieR Posts: 347

    We pruned one back hard a few autumns ago, not through choice but because the fence behind it came down and we needed to get access.  It was roughly the size you are describing.  Sadly the plant never made a recovery.  I am in Scotland so not sure if the pruning or the winter was the cause of it's demise though.

  • We've had a Red Robin for quite a few years.  It is next to a path and when it starts attacking us as we walk along we cut it back whatever time of year it is.  It seems pretty tough but very attractive especially in the Winter.

  • lydiaannlydiaann Posts: 298

    OK, thanks for that.  We'll follow your advice, Tetley, leave the "big chop" until around March-April. 

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