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Mistery Climber

Hi all - does anyone have any idea what plant this climber is, used in the gardens of our hotel.




  • I've zoomed in on the leaf and I wouldn't mind betting that's a trachelospermum, already flowered as it's an earlier season there. 


  • Hello! Thanks for that but alas, I have one of those and it's not that... :-)

    It's got much smaller leaves, app. half an inch in length, many of them a little 'knobbly' in appearance. Very woody stems to and they prune them to within an inch of their lives in Italy!

    Thanks though! You've earned the first responder badge!

  • Whoohoo! I think you are spot on! Having googled that plant some more, it certainly looks pretty much identifcal. Thanks very much, I can now research it some more!

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