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Propagating Lavender from Clippings

Alexa5Alexa5 Posts: 2

I have been trying to propagate lavender from clippings, and I recently transplanted the clippings that appear to have made it into individual cups. Not intending to disturb the roots, I discovered that some of them have no root! One in particular that seemed so happy, that was over 2 months old, has no root. Does anyone know, is this normal? Will they all eventually die? Or will they eventualy form roots?image


  • Dave MorganDave Morgan Posts: 3,123

    They can take a while to root when taken late in the season Alexa. I take them and almost forget about them for a while. It's a case of patience. Don't treat them too well though and don't water too often and let the compost dry between waterings. They like a bit of neglect.

  • Alexa5Alexa5 Posts: 2

    Thanks! I'll try to forget about them for a while.

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