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Amaryllis advice please!

Hi everyone,

I'm very new to growing things, and you've all been so helpful that I thought I'd call on your wisdom again!

I've had an amaryllis for a couple of years, and have been trying to get it to flower again, but with no luck last year. I think that's because I completely forgot to feed it over the summer last year!

I've recently brought it inside and removed the foliage (did I leave it too late to bring it in?), but it's growing leaves again straight away. Is it too warm for it? I could put it in the bathroom but it wouldn't get much natural light, as our house is built into a hill.

I know it's supposed to rest now for a couple of months, but what does that actually mean and how do I do it?!

Thanking you in advance! image


  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 17,247

    I let mine grow through the summer, then put them in a frost free cold greenhouse for the winter, and kept almost dry. They then flower sporadically , starting in the Spring, and through into Summer.Different varieties flower at different times. For Christmas, I buy new each year. I think the dry ones you buy before Christmas have been primed to grow rapidly when bought into heat.

  • How you care for your plant depends where you live.  If there is no frost in your area you can leave the plant outside all year.  Don't water unless the plant wilts in winter.  If you get frost you are better off if you bring in the plant over the winter.  If the leaves look good there is no reason to cut them off.  Place it where it receives some sun or bright light.  Do not water it much over the winter.  If the leaves start to wilt or the soil gets really dry, then water.  Being dry for several months will give the plant a rest from growing.  It should rest at least eight weeks.  After all danger of frost is past you can take it outside again.  When you start to water it regularly again it will start to grow.  Most plants flower after a few weeks of growth, but some take up to eight weeks to bloom.

    If the bulb is planted too deep it might not bloom.  The top 1/3 of the bulb should be above the soil for an indoor plant.  If it is completely covered, lift the bulb right now.  I would plant it 1/2 out of the soil so that you don't have to lift it for a long time.

    Your bulb will produce more flowers and baby plants (called pups) if you fertilize it.  Any fertilizer is better than none.

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