Rust on runner and french beans

Hello. I have posted before about this but got no response and my question has now moved on a bit. 

Both my french and runner beans grown in a raised bed got rust this year. I believe it started with the french beans which i bought in a local garden centre. Its the second year I've grown beans in this bed having enriched the soil in spring.  My crop was reduced and ive pulled them up now but what I'm wondering is how long should I leave it before growing beans in that area again? Is it always going to be a no-go zone for beans?

If its relevant the bed is only raised about 15cms, is south-facing and sheltered by a greenhouse and summer house  and fence behind. I have a strawberry bed and a 1m x 1m bed (Ive grown onions and beetroot and carrots in) in front of this larger bed. 

I imagine the spores from the rust will be all over this area too.



  • For the very first time in many years of growing, I had rust on the Runner beans, too.  Not on the climbing French beans, but exclusively on the Runners.

    Here in the West Country (Devon) we have not had the hot weather that many other parts of the country have enjoyed;  it has been wet/damp/drizzly on many an occasion, with low light levels.  I suspect that this contributed significantly to the problem (also found rust on chives, euphorbia and a few other flowering plants, too.  Since rust is plant-specific, I have to conclude that it is weather-related).

    All the bean plants have now been disposed of.  I have dug the soil over, having tried to removed all the leaves etc and the soil has had a light drench of Armillatox to try to ensure the spores are killed off.

  • Ah thankyou...armillatox is it. I shall get some straightaway. Really appreciate the advice.

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