Who's visiting your bird feeders?

It's been snowing every day off and on so I put out one of my bird feeds a couple days ago. Usually I have four set up in the winter plus I toss seeds up into the Colorado Blue Spruce trees in my front yard. Sunday morning I heard the usual fuss from the Sparrows and Chickadees when they spot me in the winter and want seed. So I walked over to the Co-op and bought a bag for them.

Yesterday afternoon I spotted a lone Junco among the Sparrows picking seed up from under the feeder. They are an interesting bird. Sparrow sized, they only pick off the ground and they are usually not seen around after Christmas.

So I have the Sparrows, Chickadees and Juncos so far. Magpies always come around to see if they can score some cat food I leave out for a stray tom cat.

It's early yet, once winter sets in my yard gets very busy with different species stopping in for a meal, and the big old jack rabbits make rabbit trails through, when the snow is real deep and seeds get them through.





  • I think most of us would see other species Johnny as this is a UK based site - a few in Europe but rarely from the US.

    Sounds like you have some busy feeder posts tho the mention of snow isn't likely to make most of us here feel too good - we're just coping with the onset of Autumnimage

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    Apophthegm -  a big word for a small thought.
  • We have a name here for fellow Canadians that head south of the 49th during the winter, to warmer spots like Florida and Arizona. We call them Snowbirds.

  • The Love Bird won't be any keener on the snow than the rest of usimage

    Forget the cat - they don't get on together - pics like these make some people think otherwiseimage

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    Apophthegm -  a big word for a small thought.
  • image

  • Relatives in Winnepeg head for warmer climes in the worst of their winter - which makes the occasional snow shower we have totally insignificant!

    Re the bird feeders:  a veritable Charm of Goldfinches the other day:  I counted 38!  We know that a couple of broods have been raised (they descend on the Niger Seed feeder and the Sunflower hearts mob handed) but I have never, ever counted so many at any one time!  Naturally, they all shy away when the RSPB are doing their bird count. image

    A neighbour complained that he doesn't see too many birds in his back garden;  that would be because we are providing all the delicacies that they want, I assume.  Costs a fortune.  But worth every penny!

  • 38 Goldfinches Shrinking Violet - wow, that must have been a lovely sight. We had two the first year, 7 or 8 last year and 14 this year at one sitting on the Niger Seed feeders (2).  I love them and their squabbling sounds as they fight over the little perches on the feeders.  At this rate I should have over 20 next year if they keep still long enough to be counted. I don't know where they nest, but it isn't in our garden.image

  • Lots of them were on the ground, busily hoovering up the spilt seed from their over-enthusiastic peer group!  They haven't returned in such numbers:  perhaps they were just trying our café out for size, and have found another providerimage


  • Those are smart looking birds, beautiful.

    Shrinking Violet,

    Yes, Winnipeg get's a long cold winter, one of my brothers always calls it Winterpeg. They don't even get the warm relief of the Chinook wind.

    A couple of little Chickadees busy filling up while I was killing tomato plants in the GH.imageimage

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