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Hi all, earlier this year I bought 2 hosta plants from b&q (gypsy rose) and immediately divided them as they were lovely bushy plants. I then potted them up (managed to get 4 divisions out of each plant) since then they have all turned into lovely healthy plants.

My question is, should I leave them in their pots until  spring? Or get them in the ground before winter? If I leave them potted, do they need frost protection? 

Thanks in advance as always,



  • I leave my Hostas in their pots but I do put the in a sheltered spot for the winter, this is to protect the pot as much has the Hosta. I'm not sure how frost free the pots are . 

    In the spring just as the new growth is showing I repot and devide as needed.

    it might be a good idea to treat the pots for vine weevil now before you tuck them up for winter.

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    I bought a couple of hostas from B&Q too, including gypsy rose, ( great minds eh? ) Mine had 11 little noses, but I've not split it yet. Mine was potted into a slightly bigger pot and is in the cool tunnel and I'll split it over the winter/ early spring.

    As you've split them, I'd give them a bit of TLC over the winter but I've had clumps sitting on the surface all winter, roots exposed, ( when I've forgotten I'd lifted them ) and they've survived fine, but for babies, I'd give them a helping hand.

  • Many thanks. I've put the little beauties in a makeshift coldframe. I definitively  need a bigger garden , as I think I'm developing a hosta addiction ☺️

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    it's easily done Brickman. I've got about 125 varieties, but I know someone with over 1,500 different varieities.


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