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Pointsetta question

Hi All 

I have just joined and have a question about our two pointsetta plants.  We've had them since Christmas - unbelievably, as they generally don't survive beyond January in our house - but the red leaves have now all but turned green.  

At the garden centre, they gave us a load of don'ts, but we just left them on the table by our south facing window in our study.  There they stayed all summer while we watered occasionally - we are amazed they're still alive, not only that, but they are sprouting new leaves!

So - after all that - my question is, how do we get the red leaves back?  Or can we get them back? imageI understand they are grown in darkness/partial darkness? so do we now put them in a cupboard or something? 

Any advice would be welcome.  Many thanks!



  • LoganLogan Posts: 2,532

    Welcome Dolly1603, from the 12th of October give them 12 hours of light and 12 hours of dark. That way they should redden up. Usually they don't keep very well,so well done you.image

    You can put them in a cupboard or cover them with a black bag.

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  • Many thanks, Logan

    We have no idea how they've lasted, especially where they are, next to the study window and given the hot summer we had (here in South Bucks).  It sort of turned into a bet with us, as to how long they would last. 

    Will post how we get on!


  • Hi Dolly and Logan, I managed to keep my two poinsettias looking in reasonably good health through last year (Christmas present). About this time of year I put them into a darkened place but all the lovely green leaves fell off (I did water them) so by Christmas time I had two skeleton poinsettias which were no good at all. Again this year I have a fully leaved plant which I have managed to keep looking good all year - I am weary as to what to do with it as I really don't want a repeat of last year's disaster, perhaps they are supposed to last just over the festive period but when a plant looks so healthy as yours and mine Dolly it seems a shame to let them go, doesn't it?

  • LoganLogan Posts: 2,532

    GD2, they're only meant for the festive season, but you can try. Go to You can find out more.image

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  • Yes, I know Logan, but actually throwing out a plant, well I find that hard to do, so if I can nurture it for a few months all the better. However I am not expecting it to miraculously turn red, so perhaps I ought to get the red spray paint can out?!? Well there are sprayed heathers and sprayed succulents so why not try it with my one year old poinsettia?

  • LoganLogan Posts: 2,532

    GD2 That's right you can only try.image

    That website doesn't work,i only put in the address and it came up with the link, I don't know why.image

  • Hi again, everyone

    I just wanted to up date you all on our pointsetta plants and well, they're turning red again!  ...only one of them, as you see from the photo, hasn't been looking too well for the past few days.  We're not sure what the problem is, but hopefully someone out there will.  Advice welcome, as always. 

    Many thanks!image

  • Hi Dolly, we also have one that has continued throughout the year and is now turning red - just as your healthy looking plant has. I would have to say that the second one doesn't have so much going for it - but I could be proved wrong.  It looks to me as if most of the leaves have either fallen or are about to fall off. - Sorry not to be more hopeful.

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