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Small £1.49 perennials

CopperdogCopperdog Posts: 519

I have had a good dig over in the front garden and put extra compost down ready to plant some stuff for next year.  Colour needed!  I have 3 very large evergreens already that have have been there for years and I think provide enough structure.   I was tempted by these little 9cm pots and bought verbena Bonariensis which I'm sure will be fine, digitalis grandiflorus (yellow), Lychnis and some small red hot pokers.  Will these be fine to be planted out now in readiness for next year?  Front garden is south facing.



  • raisingirlraisingirl Posts: 6,440

    Probably. Not sure about the lychnis but the rest will probably be ok with a decent mulch and some luck with the weather. If we get a really cold winter you may lose some, but you may lose much bigger plants than that. In the ground they have less chance of freezing, more chance of having enough water. Unless you have lots of cold frame space and are very good about remembering to water things over winter (I'm not), at £1.49 each, I'd take the chance.

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  • CopperdogCopperdog Posts: 519

    Thanks for your encouragement raisingirl.  I will get out there today whilst the sun is shining and get them in the ground.

  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 33,718

    Where can we get these bargains?

  • CopperdogCopperdog Posts: 519

    Oh dear! Ive just put them in the ground.  You're right verdun they do look a bit pathetic!  I did wonder about about spending £3.99 and getting twice size plant but i could get a bit more variety this way.  I guess I will have to wait and see and remind myself that I guess I havent spent a lot if it doesn't work out.  I have been trying to plant the front up from the previous autumn, my brother in law helped me dig out a Forsythia and a very old woody weigela but the garden used to be a sea of green blind bulbs from crocosmias that havent flowered for about 5 years.  I'm being a impatient I think!

  • CopperdogCopperdog Posts: 519

    PS sorry Hostafan1 forgot to say these plants were from a garden centre called Longacres in Bagshot, Surrey - think its one of the biggest garden centres in south.  

  • CopperdogCopperdog Posts: 519

    imageimageIt's only a small front garden tbought digitalis would look pretty from side window - eventually! ?image

  • Busy-LizzieBusy-Lizzie Posts: 20,955

    I agree with Verdun. I've lost small plants in the past because of cold and/or wet winters, slugs and snails or the cat digging them up. Re-pot them and put them somewhere safe like a cold frame. They won't need much watering in winter anyway and they will grow bigger in the spring and be better to plant out.

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  • raisingirlraisingirl Posts: 6,440

    There's a nice warm south facing wall. Protection from the wind, a few weeks yet for roots to get established...

    It depends how diligent you are about looking after things in pots, I suppose. I nurse the little plug plants that come in the post (on the occasions I'm daft enough to succumb to the bargain offers) but 9cm pots? I have neither the space nor the time to care for them in pots, so out they go. And most survive, even with my ridiculous slug population and rabbits and pigeons. 

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