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Is it a weed? Is it a tree?

Can anyone help me identify this plant/weed/tree growing under my garden please. I am digging over the whole garden where it was once lawn and hit a thick "branch". I kept digging along its length and ended up uncovering about 25ft of it. It looks just like a young tree. Diameter at source is about one and half to 2 inches. It has an orangey color underneath its "bark". Hope someone can help. Thank you. image


  • Possibly cherry root, from the description. Absolutely typical of its habit.


  • Thank you H-C. Having looked on the Internet at these roots do you think it  is probable that the root originates from a tree in the next door garden? 

  • Very likely. I remember as a kid, pulling up a thin root for 30ft across the veg patch, Dad urging me on! It was like a rope. 


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    Further to my query of Oct 2016, I have recently unearthed "the other end" of my problem and would appreciate your views. I have tried to get all of it out but might have to be happy with leaving remainder in. Can this really be a root? And also, is it okay to leave what's left in the ground and get on with seeding a new  lawn? Thank you.  Babs. 

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    Sorry. Photos not uplioading

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    Try reducing the size of the photo ... that usually works. image

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    Thanks Dovefromabove

    The approx diameter is 5cm.definitely very woody looking


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    I've dug up umpteen sections of root in this garden Babs - many of them as thick as my arm. Also from a cherry which I had to remove. Once you get under them they come out quite easily. I used a combination of pickaxe, spade, loppers and secateurs image

    The only issue is that you'll have to infill well if you intend having lawn on top of those areas to avoid the ground dropping as the soil settles. 

    I don't think  it would be a problem if you left  the roots in, as long as each end is completely severed, but someone else will correct that if I'm wrong though. If it was me, I'd get it all out and avoid any doubt.

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    Thank you Fairy girl. I have removed another section  of it but it is quite close to fence so it's probably as far as I can go. I'm pleased that there doesn't appear to be any large side roots coming  off the 20 odd feet already removed and that the thin end that was heading under the deck towards the house had been removed. Thanks also for the tip about infilling. 

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