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Transplanting roses, lupins and hostas.

Hi all. 

After 3 years of hard work clearing a north west facing bank, that slopes into a Brook, Im now ready to plant it up. 

I have lupins, hostas, shasta, perennial sweet peas,  daisies and few other bits  I'm thinking of transplanting to this bank. My question is can I divide them now (being early October) and transplant? In particular the lupins. 

Also so when is the right time of year to prune and move roses (to a south facing bank). 

Thank you in advance of some much needed advice. 


  • LoganLogan Posts: 2,532

    Unless their in pots,lupins don't like to be moved because of the long tap root. Don't know about the others. But roses can be pruned and moved in November.image

  • raisingirlraisingirl Posts: 6,652

    Lupins and perennial sweet peas are easy from seed.

    It's not the official advice, but in my experience, if you water things before, take as much soil and root with you as you can, and water them after, most shrubs and perennials can be moved at almost any time as long as the weather isn't too dry. So if your weather is like ours at the moment - i.e. no rain for about 10 days and none forecast for at least a week - I'd leave it a few weeks until there's a bit more rain around

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