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Philadelphus Minnesota Snowflake

Hi everyone,

I've got some rooted cuttings from a friend's philadelphus which I'm pretty sure is a Minnesota snowflake.

I have the perfect spot for their final position, but I've never had a philadelphus before and don't know how fast I can expect them to grow. 

They have literally just taken so won't be taking off until spring. Can anybody give me a rough idea of how much I can expect them to grow in a year?

I'm assuming they won't be flowering in 2017?!

Any help would be very gratefully appreciated.

I'm so excited to be able to add them to my garden!! image


  • It's a good sized shrub, up to 6ft plus, but easily maintained there. They'll make a foot or so next year, but in subsequent years, following flowering, the new growth will do 4ft in a season.  Flowered growth is pruned out in June time to allow the plant to concentrate on the new growth which will provide flower the following year. 


  • Excellent, thank you. That's just what I needed to know. ?

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