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Planting different bulbs

iamtoiamto Posts: 111

I have both white and yellow narcissus and tulips in different colors. Its about 85 bulbs. The place im planting them is a long row along the driveway, and i cant have more than 3, maybe 4 bulbs in the widt

But what do you think would be nicest, placing them in bunches (is that the right word in english..?) So that i have maybe 5 white narcissus in a bunch, then 5 tulips and so on or is it nicest to take 1 white narcissus, then 1 yellow narcissus, then 1 tulip and so on?


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  • Personally I would plant in groups (bunches). So perhaps 5 white, maybe a mix of 3 blue and 3 yellow, or 5 blue and then 5 yellow.  It is a matter of individual choice iamto - whatever you think will look nicest for you to enjoy when they flower. Bulb flowers are always a delight to see in the dreary months of winter when there are so few plants in flower.

  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Posts: 83,894

    I agree. Bunches of similar types will look the best image

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  • I doubt if the tulips will flower at the same time as the narcissi, and the two kinds of narcissi might not flower at the same time either, so I would plant them in groups of one kind.

  • Rosemary Verey has good advice about this--she says if you plant in small groups separated from one another then it will look rather artificial. Her suggestion is to sort of scatter the bulbs along the bed, then plant as they fall, so they look as they would look in nature. I've always followed that and found it to be good advice. 

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