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  • Has anybody tried the aerial / coat hanger yet?

    Ok, a long fine pole such as an old redundant radio aerial or an unravelled wire coat hanger with a tiny well small blob on the end in the air scenario.

    What happens, well the bat thinks the blob is an insect if the blob isn't too big or too small and the pole / aerial it's sat on top of isn't too thick. The bat is attracted to the blob and tries to take it in mid air flight.

    Don't overdo it though, just a minute or two then leave the bats alone to continue feeding normally.

    If the blob is just over head height the bats get very close to you indeed.

    In extreme and rare circumstances the bat will grab hold of the blob, won't let go and slide down the aerial and momentarily sit on the top of your hand before flying away.

    Another thing to try is flicking in the air just above your head small pieces of fine grit. The bats try to catch them and throw them back at you.

    Again though something to try just for a minute, two at the most then leave them alone, don't over do it. Rather than use grit try using mealworms instead, that way they get a reward and you get entertained. DON'T OVER DO IT THOUGH.

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