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We have a fig plant which has given us about a dozen ripe fruits this summer. There are a number of small fruits developing, and my gardening book says these should be removed at the end of September if they are larger than a pea. They are about the size of a very large grape now. I would be grateful to know if I should follow the gardening book advice. If so, should I break them off or cut them with a knife?


  • Just nip them off cleanly. I find they snap off with hardly any resistance.  Look after those last few big ones - wonderful fruit (well, flower, really) 


  • TriciaBTriciaB Posts: 36

    Thanks for your advice Hortum-cretae and Runnybeak. I will snap them off tomorrow and will beware of the sap.

  • That was one of the reasons why we got rid of our fig tree Runnybeak. The sap used to give me a terrible rash on my arms each year when I pruned the tree.

  • treehugger80treehugger80 Posts: 1,923

    be careful of the sap, it can be an irritant. wouldn't advise eating it!

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