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Monty don garden



  • Joyce21Joyce21 Posts: 15,489

    did wonder about the lithe figure Verdun image

    SW Scotland
  • Busy-LizzieBusy-Lizzie Posts: 17,514

    Verdun's got something Monty hasn't - the sea!

    Dordogne and Norfolk
  • Kitty 2Kitty 2 ManchesterPosts: 5,150

    image I never pictured you as a mankini kind of guy Verdun, but pinch and zoom has revealed another side to your personality image

  • Kitty 2Kitty 2 ManchesterPosts: 5,150

    Well, it is the ideal attire for a smartly dressed gent to keep cool in your subtropical climate Verdun ??, plenty of ventilationimage

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