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What is your absolute favorite tomato?

What is your absolute favorite tomato, and why?

And can you recommend a hight yielding tomato that gets no higher than 2meters? :)


  • MarlorenaMarlorena Posts: 7,399

    My favourite is Suncherry Premium, a red cherry tomato which has a good yield and grows to about 2 metres.  I stop the growth at that point and grow mine in a greenhouse.   I no longer bother with any other variety as I haven't the time.

    East Anglia, England
  • My absolute favourite is the heirloom Cherokee Purple. Sweet, medium to large fruit, good yield. I wouldn't use it for a tomato sauce unless you are going for sweet.

  • Gardeners delight used to be my favourite, but this year I planted Sungold as well. This is fruiting wildly and is so sweet, so I will drop Gardeners delight next year, I think.

  • really agree about sungold, have also been pleasantly surprised by gigantomo from T and M, really great size beef tomato and a lovely flavour, i also really like black cherryimage for a high yield and very small size i would recommend the tumbling type tomatoes!

  • Hi sweet aperitif has done amazingly for us in the GH this year. Ailsa Craig did well also but flavour was very disappointing. Any one recommend any medium size tomato varieties??

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