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Has anyone grown scarlet flax/linum - and if so is it easy to grow and maintain and are slugs a problem?



  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 16,720

    Yes, yes, yes.

     Scatter the seed thinly where you want it. protect from slugs.

  • Good, good, bad. Would you grow them again figetbones? I was going to start the seeds off in the cold GH so the plants will be a few inches tall and established before I plant them out next Spring.  I hope this should help to prevent slugs from demolishing them, but you have warned me so I will try to be extra vigilant.  

  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 16,720

    I grew them in plug trays, to drop the seedlings in where I needed them. I lost half a tray to slugs, but I find it easier to use slug  pellets on the greenhouse bench, where the hedgehogs can't get at them.

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  • That's a good tip hollie hock - I usually plant out individual seedlingsimage but luckily didn't with these nemesia and the effect of a clump was so much more attractive as you can see in the picture.  I will make a note to clump the flax when I plant them out in the border, although judging from the reactions on here they make not make it to the border unless I am extra vigilant - slugs and snails seem to be coming out of nowhere at the moment with the rain we have had most evenings/nights. Thanks for all you input so far - it is great to be in the know about these seeds before I sow them.

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  • Perhaps I will try some each way Verdun as I like the idea of a colourful clump and see which perform best - I like experimenting - in fact most of my garden is an experiment - those that don't perform too well get put around the back of the house so are not often seen! Did you sow your flax seed at this time of year Verdun/hollie hock.  I intend to sow a few now and more in the Spring.

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  • Oh that's a shame hollie hock - Nemesia are such pretty, dainty flowers and I was pleasantly surprised at how nice they looked grouped together here in a large pot. I think that as stand alone plants they would flop somewhat if the wind caught them, but grouped altogether appeared stronger somehow. I will certainly be planting some again next Spring.

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