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All planted up.

Over 500 spring bulbs have been now planted up over the weekend, with the company of my little girl watching me at work. Still have some colour in the garden and cannot wait until next spring. imageimageimageimage


  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 16,527

    What are the chicken wire cages keeping off?. I put some flat over crocus to keep the squirrels off.

  • Hi Fidgetbones, it is for the same reason as yourself. I have put it flat on the pots before and the squirrel has still managed to get to the bulbs. Also once the bulbs have come up, it protects them still from the squirrel trying to bury food in the pots, and then trying to dig it up again. It just protects the bulbs as they grow without the risk of them also growing up through the chicken wire, which then makes it difficult to remove and could damage the plants.

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