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Olive tree question

Hi all,
I just bought an olive tree bonsai and notice some growths on it. I was wondering if these were normal or if it had some sort of disease. Please let me know what you think. (hopefully i did the photo upload OK)






  • I think that's part of the tree. Where it's been slowed down in growth by being restricted in the pot it's produced some calloused growth, probably around a wound where a small branch was pruned off. Does it feel like the wood of the rest of the tree?


  • I think I'd take it back. Doesn't look healthy too me. Have you googled for deseases? 

  • PalaisglidePalaisglide Posts: 3,414

    It amazes me that anyone would Bonsai an Olive a difficult tree to grow in this country depending on where you live. We had a standard that was very fussy being in a pot we could drag into the shelter of a brick wall during winter months though we lost it in the severe winter a few years back. Yes the knobs look like a canker where branches have been removed and I have to say see nothing attractive about the tree, but then we are all different in our tastes. Nothing much can be done about the knobs without doing more damage. Sorry for the negative answer.


  • Hi

    Thanks for the responses. Yes it looks and feels like the rest of the tree. 

    Frank: I actually live in California, USA - I found the forum and thought someone might know what was going on. I actually am happy with your answer because I'd rather it be a canker where the branches have been removed than it be a disease that would kill the tree. 

    Thanks again for your replies!

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