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Foxgloves and Cats

Hi, catching up a little late on my Gardeners World mag and tv and I see a wonderful pic of Monty's shaded garden full of foxgloves. 

I have a lot of dry shade and have avoided foxgloves (and lilies) due to the potential harm of the pollen to my cats. But they would fit well with my cottage/natural look under the trees and give the height I need.

I'm sure Monty's had cats in the past.

Whats the view here on the forum, should I avoid foxgloves or give it a go? Do you? I know animals are supposed to avoid harmful things out of instinct but there have been cases reported. And my cats do like sitting in the garden beds. 


  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 26,991

    If there is one incident involving one plant and one cat the press will make it sound like a pandemic.

    Cats and foxgloves have coexisted since before journalists were invented

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  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Posts: 82,776

    Cats and foxgloves leave each other well alone - always have, always will.  Your cats will be perfectly safe with foxgloves in the garden.

    The problems with lily pollen are usually because a cat brushes up against a vase of lilies on a table, gets pollen on its fur,  and then grooms itself, licking the pollen off its coat.

    Cats cannot get at the pollen of a  foxglove - you have to be bee sized to be able to do that. image

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  • I've currently got 5 cats and hundreds of foxgloves and there has never been a hint of a problem. They don't taste nice either - even my sheep leave them well alone, so no possible chance a cat would be interested.

  • Morning!

    Thanks all, and great info on the foxgloves Buttercup! I think I'll get some!


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