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Best time to repot an Acer

as007as007 Posts: 94

hello there

think its time to pot on my acer into a big pot.

can some please confirm when is the best time of the year to do this.

also when is the best time to prune back stray branches too?

many thanks 



  • Pruning, if you have to, can be done when the leaves have dropped off, until about early Feb. You can trim small stems off during late summer. Repotting is done in mid spring, when the tree is coming into leaf. It then makes good root growth and takes up excess moisture.  Repotting in autumn into winter can be damaging because the growth has slowed, roots aren't taking up much moisture and the plant sits in the extra soil around it which often gets soggy in the winter wet. That excess wet will rot the finer roots and when new growth demands nutrients and water from the roots in spring there are no roots to perform that task.  The tree suffers as a consequence, new shoots die back and the tree can go into complete decline.   


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