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Any "real" smart controller with plant sensors

Hello Experts, 

I am a new homeowner, with little knowledge of how to water my lawns and flowers. I want to replace the pre-installed ugly traditional controller with smart ones. 

I did some research on current smart controllers, e.g. Rachio, Rainmachine. But I am not satisfied with any of them. For my understanding, there should be a plant sensor which monitors my yards and work with the controllers. Rachio or Rainmachine do not include a plant sensor. How can they work, or I have to setup the programs by myself, like the traditional controller?

Anybody knows is there a real smart product, integrated with sensor, and is fully automatic for persons with no expert knowledge like me. I do not want to learn watering tips and set up the programs by myself. Is it possible? Any recommendation?  




  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 65,343

    Hi David - I think you may be in the US - this is primarily a UK-based forum ... watering lawns is not usually a problem for us image

    Perhaps it would be helpful to look at professional systems used for golf courses etc?

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