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Look what I got for my birthday!



  • What's wrong aym280 image

  • Here's my three hoggies. Two feeding and one at the back.


  • Don't worry aym280,Hedgehogs only live for about three years if their lucky.  They don't always sleep or hibernate in the same place. I made a hoggy house a few years back .Some sleep in there, in the summer months, but don't seem to hibernate there in the winter. I think that's because my neighbours cat keeps jumping on top of the house when jumping up the fence, so it probably doesn't feel save.They seem to like it under my neighbours shed too. I have five access routes for the hoggies so they come and go all the time now. They don't always eat the food I put out.Do you know if any of your neighbours have seen any? If you've had them in your garden in the past, you may get them again. They will forage where there's food.If you still have access for them to get in your garden ,why not put some food out.They will be going into hibernation soon so will want fattening up. Sorry for late reply. Not long back from work.

  • I  know what you mean about  the cats.I had a Rottweiler  for 12 years and the cats use to stand their ground with her. She would leap up the rockery and chase them to a certain point, then come to a stand still as soon as they turned round with their backs up. Tough dogs Rottweiler's . image

  • We were feeding an adult and two younger HH's but they seem to have disappeared now - surely it is too early to hibernate - so with a bit of luck they will return.  Meal worms, halved peanuts and sunflower seeds seemed to be popular and a bowl of water to wash it all down with.

  • Hi GD, I had mum and two hoglets also. When hoglets have been weaned, mum will leave  hoglets to fend for themselves. They are solitary animals in the wild and only get together for mating. November is when they hibernate. They need to be a certain weight to survive the winter. So keep up the food supply, they will be back. They do like the crunch of Whiskas chicken 1+.

  • Thanks paula.conway I'm off to buy some Whiskas Chicken. Help the fella fatten for the winter.

    Can I ask how you made your hoggy house?

  • Hi HH, I made it all with tongue and groove, with a felt roof. Width 55cm,depth 48cm ,hight1ft. SIoping towards the back. I put a 2x2 slab underneath so the bottom won't rot. You should use untreated wood.I had to put some cat repellent strips on top to stop cats jumping on the top. I nailed them onto some planks of wood and just laid it on the top. There's no hogs in there at the mo. I normally leave some food just in the entrance to encourage them in. I put fresh straw inside and outside the entrance so if they do nest in there, they tend to take more straw inside  as well as  leaves.



  • Fantastic. Luxury accommodation for hedgehogs! My chap is just living in my leaf store at the back of my garden. It's not as cozy as your purpose built home, but what it lacks in sophistication I guess it makes up for in space.


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  • Hi HH, that's brill, a natural habitat. All  those  lovely live insects right under his nose. My garden isn't big enough for something like that. I wanted to build a new hog house this year but haven't had the time. A proper deluxe one with turrets. I've been inspired by Rob Heard's sculptures, but something on a smaller scale obviously. I'd call it Hogwarts hotel. image



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