Look what I got for my birthday!

So excited to see what comes out at night! Anyone used one before?





  • Hi The helpful herpetologist.I have the same one in my garden for the hedgehogs, its brilliant. I have lots of videos.

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    Ah great! Can I message you for tips if I get stuck. I've already come across one challenge. Not sure how I'd know whether the area of garden I want to oversee is centred in the camera frame. There's a patch of garden which I know is frequented by hedgehogs (lots of poo) and I think my camera is pointing in the right direction, but how do I make sure?



  • Hi HH, I have mine come on at 19.30h to 4.00am at 3minute at a time with 1 sec interval time. If you want to check it now, just change the times and move in front of the camera. When it activates the infrared lights will come on. Then just take out the memory card and pop into your computer and check that its filming. You will then know if its in the position you want. I haven't checked it on the camera itself, only to save battery life. 

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    I see...thanks Paula, that makes sense. I knew there would be a way. I have mine mounted in a way that doesn't give me access to the display but didn't think about just releasing the SD card.

    It says that the battery will last up to 6 months with normal use. Have you found that it lasts that long?

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  • Hi HH, They may last 6 months with no activations. I bought mine in June and have already changed the batteries. It depends on the  amount of activations you have and the time lengths you choose.You can put it  in the energy saving mode which will reduce the IR lights to extend battery life. I have had mine on in the summer from 9.00pm to 5am on video mode.It was supplied with a 4GB memory card.when the memory card is  full, I get 11 videos of three minutes each. I had it on a highest resolution at first, but then changed it to 720P, its still very clear. I  want to get a 32GB memory card to get more video's has the hoggies  use it up by about 1.am.Sometimes you may not get anything on video, as cats may activate it just walking by.

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    Get a load of this bad boy!


  • HH .....living proof ......well done you and Hogimageimage

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    aym280 says:

    What is it? At least, there is something! LOL!

    See original post

     It;s a hedgehog's bum. Don't you know a hedgehog's bum when you see one!? image

  • Not so much a HH bum - really rather more like an expanded brillo pad wearing a little skirt.  I've seen quite a few of thoseimage

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    Now I think you're both patronising me! imageimage

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