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I want to grow some scented stocks, the garden centre has got loads in all in flower, but I thought they were annuals and grew in the summer, although on the plant info it said they did flower in the summer.  Just wondering why they would have loads in flowering now when and when I should buy them, are they all annuals or can I get perenial stocks.  


  • sanjy67sanjy67 Posts: 1,007

    there are autumn flowering stocks which flower sept,oct,nov. which could be what's in your garden centre.

     i had night scented stocks which i had neglected in their plant modules over the winter last year, in feb i planted them after cutting all the leggy dead bits off and they flowered from march til october. I have some stocks in the garden which i bought just marked as stocks from the local table sale i planted them about two months ago, i've been pinching out the tips (so they don't flower) to make nice big plants for next spring.

    stocks are my favourite flowers :)

  • thank you Sanjy so if I buy them now and put them in the garden, will they die off during the winter and need to be pulled out or will they flower again.  I would like them to flower in the spring until autumn.   Me too, love stocks, they smell and look fabulous.  

  • sanjy67sanjy67 Posts: 1,007

    to be honest i don't know, if you want the colour now you could plant them now, dead head them and hope for the best over winter, i'm an optomist so that's what i would do or you could try picking off the flowers now and hope they bush up and survive the winter, if they are cheap you could try half and half, remove flowers from half of them for bushing up and overwintering in the garden and leave the other half for colour now and dead head after flowering and hope they flower again in spring, i think they are hardy annuals or buy some seeds and try that for spring.

  • Excellent, thanks for that Sanjy, I will try both ways and see what happens.  much appreciated.  Tricia 

  • Hi Verdun, thats interesting I always thought they were just summer flowering annuals, thats why I was surprised to see all of them in flower at the garden centre.  Thanks for that, will be buying some soon.  

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