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Winter cover crop

Well been a busy day for me in the garden today. Finally pegged out the layout for the cutting garden 30 beds 1x10M each. Still have to spray them off from the grass and rotovator them. Do you think its worth putting in a winter cover crop/ green manure over the winter? I hope to plant them up April time next year. Also managed to do another tray of cuttings and picked the last of the pears off the trees. Im leaving the hazelnuts for the family of red squirrels that are here. Saw 3 together today working away at the nuts. :)


  • That sounds industrious and I am very envious of the space you've got. Me, I'd have to have veg in some of those beds!  Red squirrels, though, now that is a great thing, although I would fight them for some of the nuts.  Got them feeding close enough for pictures?


  • I am lucky enough to be living in France, the local produce in the stores are of such high quality it would be pointless trying to compete. If I was to live in England still I would definitely have a veggie patch. However the hard thing to find here is high quality flowers for the house. Its amazing the quantity we use in the house on a weekly basis we need many many more. I see the red squirrels from the kitchen window, the hazelnut tree they like is about 20 M from the house. I must try and keep the camera to hand more, but they are fast little things. :)

  • BLTBLT Posts: 525

    I too am envious of the space.. Wow my friends live in France toothey have a veggie oatchbut nothing on your scale.. They said they grew veggies that they liked that the French didn't seem to sell, Parsnips inparticular.. 

    Enjoy your project... Maybe you might put om some winter veg... You know what you like.. Flowers for me are limited to Roses and a few bedding plants and hanging baskets...   It rather depends how far south you are...  My friends are near Limoge..

    Got luckwithit all and make sure youget some nuts,3 squirrels do not need a tree full lol..

  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 16,658

    Quite a few  flowers for cutting can be sown now. They make earlier flowers and larger than Spring sown.  Think Calendula, Nigella, cornflower, Ammi majus.

  • Good evening Figetbones. Yes I guess that is an alternative get some early flowers in already. Will have to work through and figure out some plants to pop in :) thanks for the idea.

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