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A Problem With Herbs

I bought 4 different herbs, all in 4" pots, from a supermarket. I expected when I cut them, to use, that they would grow back. The Rosemary is growing vigorously (too vigorously). But, the Chives, Parsley & Thyme have simply stopped growing. (they could be dead)

They are all outside still in pots. What can I do to revive them?



  • Busy-LizzieBusy-Lizzie Posts: 20,461

    Have they dried out? Chives and Parsley need regular watering, but Thyme prefers to be drier. When you say they could be dead do you mean the foliage has died down? In that case they probably are dead. Chives and Parsely will die down with frost, Parsley will come up in Spring and go to seed, it's a biennial. Chives are perennial and should come back every year, but will need re-potting and feeding.

    When you cut them for use did you cut every single leaf? Maybe it was too much of a shock. Maybe they weren't hardened off properly.

    Dordogne and Norfolk
  •  Supermarket pots are generally not mature plants, but potsful of seedlings - have alook at the number of stems to see what I mean. Seedlings, especially cramped ones,  don't have the resources to grow back if you remove all their top growth, and as Busy Lizzie says are not hardened off.

    You can use them though as strarter plants if you give them the right treatment. Repot them into lareger pots with some decent compost, maybe splitting the contents into 4. At this time of year best kept inside  somewhere light,and watered when necessary.

    If you buy them in the spring you can harden them off and plant them in the garden. Thyme likes it well drained and sunny, parsley and chives can cope with some shade. take only a leaf or two from each little planrtlet  at first. As rthey get established and start to grow you can take more, but always leave at least one pair of leaves on a stem as this is where they will regrow from.

  • B3B3 South East LondonPosts: 24,102

    I have good success with Greek basil - which dies in the winter and chives,which I grow for the flowers. Parsley does well if you're not too greedy before you plant it out.

    The supermarket thyme always looks too weak a bit too weedy to plant.

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