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What am I doing wrong with penstemon cuttings?

Took a few cuttings of penstemon (pensham Laura and white bedder) a few weeks back, into a 50/50 mix of cutting compost/perlite.  Some died so removed them and took a few more.  Looks like just one doing 'OK'.  

I 'misted' them every other day, they are in a garage with a south facing window, so not loads of light but not bad.

Salvia cuttings I took early last week seem to all be doing ok so far (two left hand pots).

I thought penstemon were supposed to be really easy ????????.



  • Didn't cover them at all V - thought with the south facing window another layer may roast them...

    I'll take some more cuttings and treat them meaner (water-wise).

    Dont tell anyone else I can't even get penstemon cuttings to grow....shhhhhh ?

  • Andy, try a dab of custard powder on each cut end.

  • AngieRAngieR Posts: 347

    You are not alone Andy!  I've had better luck on my 2nd attempt by rooting them in jars of water.

  • Will do...  Should I cover the salvia too?  Is it only until they root and then pot up separately?

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