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early berries

I am considering buying a Rowan tree.  I have been offered trees from 3 feet high to 6/8 feet high.

I would like berries ASAP, so what height should I choose to achieve this?


  • You'll have berries next year, I should think, with a bit of luck from the largest size.  Look for good growth which might be mature enough to produce flower. You'll certainly need the larger size you've been offered. 


  • Hi Hortum-cretae

    Many thanks for your prompt reply and advise,  much appreciated.

    Yes, thinking about it, I agree, it makes sense to purchase an older tree

    for this purpose more chance of getting berries.

  • Normally I recommend buying small and letting plants get established in their own time. However, in this case you're after berry as soon as possible, so the advice stands. For interest's sake - if you sow seed of native trees, and plant an 8cm - 10cm girth tree (usually about 2.5 metres tall), alongside, all things being equal, in four to six years' time the tree from the seed will have overtaken the pot-grown larger one.


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