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Ordering perennial plug plants now

I am ordering bulbs online and have the option at checkout to buy 72 perennial plug plants for less than £3, to be delivered within a month. 

I'm a bit confused by what I should do with 72 plug plants at this point of the year. They won't grow big enough to plant out this year will they? Am I supposed to hibernate them indoors over winter and anticipate strong growth next spring?

Advice would be appreciated!


  • Thank you for the warning! I will take them out of my basket!

  • I received some of these in june/july I potted them up, then potted them on and now theyare  in the garden and look fantastic. only 6 of the plants died out of 72.

    I have some on order too and cant see why they wont flower next year, (I'm no expert) don't go for the mixed varieties 'surprise' pack as you will get things you don't want. I look at it as I have spent £8 and if only a few make it to next year I haven't lost much. hopefully the delphiniums make it though.

    Spend £3 and take a punt

  • Busy-LizzieBusy-Lizzie Posts: 21,007

    I usually buy a few perennial plug plants when I order my violas and pansies. I pot them up and put them in a cold frame over winter and pot them on again when they start growing. Have had some good results, but a few failures too. Doesn't matter too much as they are so cheap. 72 does seem rather a lot though!

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  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 50,307

    Each to their own I suppose, but I wouldn't have them either. 

    They'll be tiny when you get them, and at this time of year, they're not going to get very substantial before you have to find room for them to be overwintered and potted on etc. If you have loads of time, and want to wait, and don't mind what's in the pack, fair enough.

    I'd rather have one or two plants I really want and divide them to make a good display next year, with a better one the following year.  image

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